The Princely Family

The Princely Family of Liechtenstein, from whom Liechtenstein gets its name, is one of the oldest noble families in Europe. The mention of the noble family of Hugo of Liechtenstein was made in 1136. He was named after Liechtenstein Castle, south of Vienna. Early members of the family had property in the vicinity of the family castle and on the northeast border of Lower Austria. The unbroken noble line of the Liechtenstein family began with Heinrich I of Liechtenstein, who died in 1265 or 1266, and was given free reign over Nikolsburg (Mikulov) in Southern Moravia. The current head of state, Prince Hans-Adam II, is the thirteenth Prince of the House of Liechtenstein. Prince Hans-Adam II is married to Princess Marie. The pair have four children. Crown Prince Alois, the oldest son of the Prince, has led the country since 2003, alongside Liechtenstein’s democratically elected parliament. Crown Prince Alois is married to Sophie, Duchess of Bavaria, who comes from the Bavarian Royal House of Wittelsbach. Crown Prince Alois and Duchess Sophie also have four children. As their oldest child, Prince Joseph Wenzel, born in 1995, is next in line to become Prince of Liechtenstein after Crown Prince Alois.